Partnership with Millennium

For more than 25 years, Millennium has served as a trusted educational partner to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device industries, providing valuable promotional support.

Our team of skilled creatives is dedicated to crafting tailor-made materials and programs that align precisely with your strategic imperatives. Drawing upon our extensive network of relationships with medical publishers, societies, and patient advocacy groups, we provide programs that will:

  • Increase rep access
  • Inspire communication between patients and providers
  • Strengthen your brand
Partnership With Millennium

Rep Access Programs

Sales Rep Access Library Program

Enhance representative access and elevate the quality of interactions with our exclusive library program. This unique offering empowers your team to provide targeted medical resources to your specific market, including textbooks, ebooks, apps, and patient education materials. Whether in-person or virtual, our program enables you to engage clinicians through their preferred channels.

With our program, you gain access to regional and national analytics, while Millennium takes care of all program details, including design, review, customer service, and compliance reporting. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless experience.

“Thank you for providing this program. This has been a great resource for me during the Covid crisis.”

—Amgen, Sales Representative

“It’s refreshing that Account Managers can deliver this awesome educational value. It has also given me leverage with the physicians since this is a new territory for me as of January. It extends the sales call, cultivates a deeper relationship with the physicians and staff, and engages the physician from an educational standpoint.”

—Otsuka, Sales Representative

“The library program is fantastic. It’s opened doors and allowed for return visits.”

—Seagen, Sales Representative

“Millennium Book Program not only assisted me with access to high decile providers it allowed me to prove that myself and TherapeuticsMD can be an added resource to their office.”

—TherapeuticsMD, Sales Representative

Point of Care


Foster meaningful dialogue between physicians and patients while promoting adherence with personalized point-of-care and virtual education tools. Our resources can be customized to reflect your branding or remain unbranded, and can be delivered through your field force or optimized for virtual usage. By leveraging these tools, you can effectively inspire conversations and enhance patient engagement.

Perfect for awareness month deliverables

POC resources developed with Millennium are reprinted

“Wow, I saw it this afternoon and the flipbook looks AMAZING! So excited for it to reach our customers and to find the true value when using with patients. I love the quality of it and all the graphics look stunning!”

—Genentech, Senior Product Manager

“I find that having nonbranded disease state materials to offer for patient education and staff education is very valuable…accounts across the board (community and academic) appreciate these items—they provide credibility and support our patient centric approach to our job.”

—Seagen, Sales Representative

Patient education format preferred by providers:


Enable healthcare providers to educate their patients effectively using visually captivating and anatomically precise models. Each model is meticulously designed to align with your branded or unbranded strategy, ensuring a cohesive educational experience. These models are available in both print and digital formats, catering to various communication preferences. Additionally, we offer large-scale models that are perfect for promotional activities during congresses and similar events. By utilizing these models, you can empower providers to deliver impactful and engaging patient education.

Production lead time approximately 8–10 months


Discover the versatility of our fully customizable video books, which are ideal for a range of purposes such as disease-state animations, instructional videos (IFUs), mechanism of action (MOA) explanations, and patient testimonials. These video books offer a dynamic and engaging medium to deliver your desired content with flexibility and personalization.

Fully customizable and can hold multiple videos

Video books available with antimicrobial finish

Patient and Caregiver Education


Explore our trusted patient education handbooks, carefully crafted to provide comprehensive disease-state education and valuable lifestyle resources. These handbooks empower patients to actively participate in better managing their health. Whether utilized as a deliverable by your representatives, giveaways at patient events, or drivers for your website to build customer relationship management (CRM), these handbooks serve as valuable tools. You have the flexibility to choose between print or digital formats to best suit your needs and preferences.

“I just wanted to send you, and everyone in the marketing department, a HUGE Thank You for the new books that just showed up this evening. They are exactly the kind of patient materials that we need out here. This is so appreciated on so many levels. Thank you for making this kind of valuable resource available for patients.”

Genentech, Sales Representative

Case Study Analysis of recent Gastro CRM program yielded a 9x increase in program enrollment

Provider Education


Through our strong collaborations with renowned medical publishers and societies, we offer unparalleled support in delivering crucial clinical messages through published textbooks and related materials. In addition, our exceptional medical writing and illustration teams are available to create customized resources that seamlessly align with your brand messaging, catering to specific requirements. With expertise in handling intricate medical information, our team excels in developing custom projects that effectively educate your target providers.

These valuable assets can be conveniently delivered by your representatives or distributed through our extensive network of medical publishing partnerships.


Recognizing the significance of advanced practice providers, we are dedicated to offering tailored published and customized resources that specifically cater to their roles and educational requirements, all in alignment with your brand strategy. Our assets can be designed exclusively for advanced practice providers or seamlessly integrated with patient education materials, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

These valuable resources can be conveniently delivered by your representatives during in-person visits, left behind for ongoing provider use, or utilized effectively for virtual interactions.



“Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication — I always love working with the Millennium team — you all are the best!”

—Takeda, Marketing Director

“Millennium has always been a phenomenal vendor and I’ve seen such great consistency across brands and multiple partners within your organization.”

—Astellas, Senior Marketing Manager

“It’s been a great experience working with you and your team. Many thanks for all of the due diligence and great efforts with getting this program to this point and beyond. I will highly recommend your company to others.”

—AstraZeneca, Product Manager

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